The Muggles who run this podcast are still recovering from their incessant Snape-ing at Infinitus this weekend, but I thought it would be prudent to post about their adventures. I came along to the convention because Rachael told me "it was part of my contract." I was able to hoodwink the Muggles into giving me money and I procured reservations for my own hospitality parlor and king suite.

Then the Muggles ruined my vacation with their absurd party )

I plan to bring a lawsuit for intentional infliction of emotional distress to an owl and am gathering evidence via this Flickr group. Please submit your photos there.
Since I am starting to get pretty geeked about my first VVC...just wondering who in this group will be going?
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([personal profile] akemi42 Jun. 7th, 2009 12:31 am)
I've been meaning to post on here forever because I moved to Seattle less than a year ago and was pleasantly surprised to find so many vidders here. Do we want to do some type of intro thread? I know a few folks in this group, but not everyone and I would love to watch your vids!

I'll just start out with a random template and if folks want to respond with their info, that's great...

Name: Rachael or [profile] chaeche or akemi42
Fandoms: Harry Potter, House, Watchmen, Death Note, some random movies, and yes, some Twilight too
Programs I use: I only use Vegas, but would like to learn more about the beneits of Fincal Cut Pro and Premiere
Where to find my vids: my web site and LJ
What I would like to see in this comm: Since I am fairly new to vidding (started in 2006) I would like to get to know people, learn new tools, and get some concrit of my vids. I also think it would be really fun to do a vidding party.
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([personal profile] gwyn May. 8th, 2009 01:00 pm)
This is a new community for vidders and vid fans in the greater Pacific Northwest fandom community. Right now, it is an open community, where anyone who joins can post. I can't see having to change that, but we'll see how it goes.

I firmly believe that people should be allowed to state their opinions openly and freely, and anything public should be available for critique or commentary. I also firmly believe that any criticism should be directed at the fanwork and not the fan -- there is a big difference between saying a vid is bad and a vidder is a bad vidder. As long as we keep the discussion civil, people should feel okay about saying what they want.

If you're a fannish vidder, or a fan who likes vids, and you're in the Northwest, I hope you will join us. Even if you're not in the Northwest, feel free to watch the community.


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